I just celebrated my 30th birthday. YAY!! It’s so funny to think how birthday celebrations change as we get older. As a kid, I had birthday parties at places like Chuck E. Cheese. I ran around and then had pizza and cake with my friends. I remember having ice cream at school with my class too. In middle school I had epic sleepovers at my parents’ house with my girlfriends. I had a Sweet 16 party in high school just like the rest of my friends.  In college, I got flowers from my boyfriend, who now happens to be my husband, and surprise parties from my roommate. In my twenties before I had kids, I had dinner at nice restaurants with my husband. Now that I’m a Mommy, birthdays are little different…and it’s awesome.

My 30th birthday went something like this:

I went to the spa in the morning to help relax from the stresses of being a working mother.

I went to lunch at a local spot with my husband. We went to lunch instead of dinner because the kids are in daycare during the day. As all parents know, going to dinner requires making child care arrangements in the evening. Babysitters aren’t necessarily cheap, and good ones are hard to come by.

My birthday dinner still turned out to be special, even though I didn’t go to a fancy restaurant. My 3 year old son is the one who planned my birthday dinner menu. Anyone who knows preschoolers would not be surprised that he chose grilled cheese and cupcakes for Mommy’s birthday meal. He insisted that his dad take him to the store after school to buy the ingredients.

Was grilled cheese and cupcakes a balanced meal from a nutrition standpoint? Not at all.

Was grilled cheese and cupcakes a five star meal from a great restaurant in the city? Nope.

Was grilled cheese and cupcakes the best birthday dinner I’ve ever had? Absolutely.

Why? My son feels happy and loved when I make him grilled cheese, and he feels extra special when he gets a treat like cupcakes. He wanted Mommy to feel the same way on her birthday. Thinking about that puts a huge smile on my face. I love being a Mommy!

30th birthday

Before becoming a Mom, my birthdays were all about me. As I was telling my husband after my birthday dinner, as parents, our birthdays aren’t just for us anymore. They’re now a day to share with our kids.